Gentle Mountain Massage Therapy - offering you the freedom to feel fabulous
 Hi, I'm Christine. My intuitive bodywork will allow your nervous system to reset and replenish while my deep therapeutic work gets out the knots. With me, you get both energy healing and physical relief. 

I am a licensed NY State Massage Therapist and a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist. I have extensive training in the healing arts, including Eastern & Western massage, Movement based Expressive Art Therapy, Sacred Intimacy and Yoga Dance.  

I have a private practice in Red Hook, New York, as well as being a practitioner at the Omega Institute Wellness Center and Birch Body Care. 

Clients receive:
*Relief from chronic and acute pain.
*Compassionate & knowledgable touch
*A sense of balance and nurturance
*A sense of sanctuary

"Christine is one of the most sensitive souls that healed me in many ways through her massage and her loving hands.  Highly recommended!" Silvia Cadena

Thank you Christine! I am feeling so good today. You are the only therapist I have found who can release the tension in my neck. I am convinced you have healing hands. With enhanced physical health I am also feeling better mentally today, and that is a great blessing. -Wendy W.

I am a musician & dancer, and twice now, Christine has saved me from pain and stiffness so debilitating I could not play my guitar. It is always a pleasure, and an honor, to connect with a body worker who "hears" my concerns and needs, and adjusts her attention and touch accordingly. Highly recommended! - Joan Elena Goldberg

Email or call today to schedule an appointment! or 845.702.6751
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