Gentle Mountain Massage Therapy - Experience Your Body in Balance

Christine's touch is deep yet
nurturing. She has the natural ability to tune into the energy of her client while doing hands-on bodywork.  It is her desire to re-member the body back to health and wholeness, allowing you to soar while rooted in a deep sense of present-body groundedness.

Christine's sessions incorporate relaxing Swedish massage techniques as well as site specific deep tissue work and energy-infused conscious touch, inviting you to come into balance and wellness on all levels of your being. 

650 pesos a session (80 minutes) in Mexico.
$75 an hour, or $90 for 80 minutes in the U.S. 

U.S. cell 845 702 6751
Mexican cell 415 100 22 45


Thank you Christine! I am feeling so good today. You are the only therapist I have found who can release the tension in my neck. I am convinced you have healing hands. With enhanced physical health I am also feeling better mentally today, and that is a great blessing. -Wendy W.

I am a musician & dancer, and twice now, Christine has saved me from pain and stiffness so debilitating I could not play my guitar. It is always a pleasure, and an honor, to connect with a body worker who "hears" my concerns and needs, and adjusts her attention and touch accordingly. Highly recommended! - Joan Elena Goldberg

I had the great pleasure of receiving a massage from Christine Welker the other day. I was drawn to her energy because she is a radiant and sensitive person. The massage was comprehensive and nourishing. She came from a caring place and was totally present with me. What a blessing! -Elaine Russell

Another client wrote the following after receiving a massage:

I lay a body broken and crooked
A patchwork of knots and aching bones
A mind racing in high gear
And a breath lost in a maze of stone
But I am welcomed
How warm the melting of your gentle strength
I am anointed at the altar of your care
I breathe in a rising tide of peace
Softened and nurtured by the presence in your hands.
I am held.  I can let go.
You patiently tend to my subsiding pain
Unfolding my wrinkled shroud of need
Watchfully appeasing my innermost landscape
I can be whole again, pacified and freed.
I am at rest now.
And long afterward, my being keeps drinking
At the well of your healing touch.
                                          by Chantal Frigon-Difede, Translator
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